About me

I sincerely believe that one can never truly know a person. BUT for the sake of introduction, I would like to jot down eleven seemingly unrelated things about me.

  1. I am an opinionated person who often finds herself questioning her opinions.
  2. I don’t like taking baths in winter. But due to hygiene related issues (or so I’ve been told) I often do things I don’t like doing.
  3. I am curious, it comes naturally to me although I do not mean to pry.
  4. Humans are emotional, and I am only human.
  5. I try to control things around me, but it rarely (never) works out the way I want it to.
  6. I often get nervous, about things that I may not be directly involved in.
  7. I often (always) get nervous about things that I am directly involved in.
  8. Frivolous talk makes me want to switch off my brain and float into the universe endlessly.
  9. I get terrifying dreams about people who are the closest to me.
  10. Talking to myself is just one of my many hobbies (I got that from my mother).
  11. I wish to travel, constantly learning and evolving through space and time.

I hope this gives you a better picture “about me” although my blog posts do a wonderful job at that (go read some, if time permits).


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