Bodh Gaya: Temples and Monks


  1. Religious places can be hard to maneuver as I’m unaware of the dos and don’ts.
  2. Buddhism is a lot about sacrifice and withdrawal, two things I have almost never done in life.
  3. The peace and quiet one expects from a temple is often replaced with noisy tourists.
  4. The structures, though beautiful can often be unkempt (which makes me sad).
  5. The time constraint that I came with (had a flight back) made the entire visit hasty.
  6. Since, work around the area was the priority, exploring was not an option, something that comes naturally to me.
  7. I photographed the monks and people visiting the temple, not sure if that is ethical in nature.
  8. Instead of sitting in meditation for a while and experiencing the place, I ran around trying to get the right shot because I had a feeling I may not get a chance to visit the place ever again.
  9. When travelling with colleagues, I was not able to fully express myself and felt restricted.


  1. The architecture of the temples, beautiful and yet simplistic.
  2. Clean surroundings, surprisingly maintained grounds.
  3. Lotus flowers, pink and magnificent.
  4. The noisy tourists were compelled to remain quiet due to the vibration of the place.
  5. Several monks, deep in meditation. Noticing them, I felt the need to sit and contemplate as well, but the time crunch made it impossible.
  6. The enormous flower arrangements that gave the grounds a beauty that is hard to describe in words, hopefully the pictures speak for themselves.
  7. Knowing that Buddha himself, visited and meditated under the very same Bodhi Tree.

Hope you all enjoy the photographs!


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