Rajasthan: Forgotten Palaces and Places


  1. I was in Dungarpur alone, a place where I didn’t know anyone or anything about.
  2. It seemed as though transport was not easily available in the area, one had to walk to find public transport.
  3. I thought my days will pass by in the work I went there for, without any time to explore the area.
  4. Every work trip is taxing on my brain, so I thought even though I would get time to explore I might choose to stay in the hotel.
  5. I made a list of places I wanted to explore and among them, one was a rare, unpopular 7-storey palace that was home to questionable paintings. I wasn’t sure if the paintings were open to the public.
  6. The area has a history of violence against independent women specially those travelling alone, which made me nervous about my safety.


  1. My fears were stemming out of a need for comfort during my travels, which I cannot assume just because the company is funding the expenses.
  2. Juna Mahal, the palace that I happened to visit was untouched, beautiful and still houses the paintings that I mentioned, more about that in the next post.
  3. The people of Dungarpur are open to visitors but skeptical of new cultures.
  4. The palaces that deserve limelight are often unheard of, as the tourist guide and locals also believe in the district.
  5. The royal family is not relevant to the people anymore but is still respected because of their ancestors.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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