Mussoorie: Cosy Cafes and Cakes


  1. I had to leave a bit of work unfinished to make it for this trip.
  2. Girls travelling by themselves is always a bit more worrisome than a mixed gender group.
  3. My friends and I love to eat (just generally) and I had been keeping a check on my diet/working out for about a month in order to get fitter for a trek I have planned in June.
  4. The trek in June (to Sar Pass/Parvati Valley) was in jeopardy because my manager found it strange that I needed so many holidays.
  5. Mussoorie is touristy and can become crowded specially in the summer.
  6.  I had visited Mussoorie once before to meet Ruskin Bond as part of a college trip so I worried it won’t be anything new for me.
  7. We were staying at a really nice hotel, Club Mahindra, courtesy my friend’s Dad’s Membership and I worried we’ll overspend on food.


  1. There was a whole part of Mussoorie I had never explored called Landour which has the most adorable cafes and shops.
  2. I want to own a house in Landour, or a place like Landour which has houses like Landour.
  3. Landour written in Hindi script just looks and reads wrong.
  4. I think travelling with your housemates is the easiest way to travel, hassle-free.
  5. Also ask locals where to go and what to eat – I asked a friend from college whose family home is in Mussoorie.
  6. Walking is the best way to explore any place, cars and bikes will restrict you and do not allow you to interact with animals/humans/trees.


Landour Bakehouse:
Best Table: The far end of the cafe (seats four) and makes you feel like you’re sitting among the treesIMG_6808.JPG

Best Item on the Menu: Although everything we tried was mouthwatering, my favourite was the brownie.



You may walk down to Doma’s as well in case you feel like eating a little bit more, we however decided to explore the area before we picked a place to eat (food is supreme). After some walking around we reached Kellogg Memorial Church where we saw neat houses with small gardens. It satisfied my friend’s OCD to no end, they were symmetrical and clean.



Kellogg Memorial Church was beautiful from the outside but we were told that it only opens on Sundays, which our Catholic friends found most strange and she was slightly disappointed as well.

Then we went on to Lal Tibba where being touristy was crucial in order to enjoy the place ie clicking selfies.


We finally ate at Emily’s which is called Rokeby’s. The Nanzaas (Naan Bread Pizza) is pretty good, otherwise it’s also a great place to sit and read. We were sort of lucky we were there as we avoided getting drenched in the unexpected afternoon hailstorm. To say that it was cosy inside would not do justice to the place.






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