Sar Pass: Frozen Lakes and Tall Trees


  1. Going solo on a trek can be difficult and lonely
  2. Making new friends is not my strong suit
  3. I had been working out but hadn’t reached my goal stamina before the trek
  4. It was 9 days without any network so my parents were worried
  5. Despite repeated alarms, my manager acted surprised when I asked to leave
  6. The night bus I had booked was private, and private buses can be unsafe in India
  7. I couldn’t carry my beloved DSLR because that alone was 2 kgs and it was adding to my backpack weight
  8. My phone camera sucks and I was doing #aphotoaday project at the time, which had become an essential part of my existence
  9. Parvati Valley is famous for the selling and consumption of marijuana and I did not want to smoke up


  1. Travelling solo teaches you a lot about yourself
  2. Trekking has now become a part of me, more than it was earlier, now I do not go without a trek one in two months
  3. Minimalism is hard but achievable, even at the highest point of the mountains
  4. Keeping yourself fit is the most important thing, your mind and your body can take you to beautiful places
  5. Embrace the cliches, they’re often the starting point to a good story
  6. Quit overthinking and cross the bridge when you come to it
  7. Food tastes better when you’ve worked really hard for it.
  8. Accept the fact that memories will fade one day, but you can remind yourself through words and pictures
  9. People can surprise you if you give them a chance.
  10. I’m not a sheep, I need to quit behaving like one.

(Hope you like the pictures and emojis 🙂

“You’ve been counting down the days, now you’re counting down the hours. Your heart knows that it’s going on a journey and you cannot sit still as a result. So pick up your backpack, put on your boots and go boldly into the adventure and the unexpected!”



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