Dharamkot: Snow and Sun

Dharamkot, Himachal, India


  1. It was the first trip to the hills with someone I started dating early last year. Since the Himalayas are my favourite place in the world, I had many expectations from this trip.
  2. I had been to Dharamkot before with two of my friends as a young adult, knew the place well and didn’t want to repeat my experience.
  3. Dharamkot has a lot of people smoking weed/hash and I didn’t want to smoke at the time. (or so I thought to myself, I didn’t end up smoking either way so yay!)
  4. The place we were staying at was away from the town area so transport was a bit expensive, we did end up walking so it was better, really.
  5. I was short on cash, had spent it on some things I didn’t really need. (as I often do)
  6. I thought it wouldn’t be cold there, but it was and I felt underprepared for the trek to the top of the mountain that we had planned.


  1. Trekking brings out some basic conflicts within a relationship, which we resolved, eventually.
  2. Watching snow flakes covering an entire mountain is surreal.
  3. Snowflakes are not cold, they feel hot on the skin and inside the mouth for some reason, perhaps I was delirious watching snow fall for the first time.
  4. I can watch the valley change colours for days on end without being bored.
  5. Trekking with the camera slows me down because every few steps there is something worth clicking.
  6. I don’t end up liking many pictures if I click too many of them, they start looking alike and then I feel silly.
  7. Mountain pups are the furriest and cutest creatures ever, and being followed by them is a privilege.

Hope you like the pictures! (I selected them with much care)



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