Gorai: Pagoda and People

Known to be the largest stone dome in the world, without any supporting pillars, the Pagoda dominates the skyline in the area. We decided to stop over at the Pagoda to witness the grand structure and understand the socio-economic factors which govern such a project in the middle of the Gorai Creek.


  1. Questions with no one to answer them.
  2. Wasn’t allowed to enter as it is not open to public but only those people who are willing to practice Vipassana.
  3. Trying hard to understand how the Pagoda has made an effect on the people in and around it.


  1. Why did they copy the design from the Shwedagon Pagoda?
  2. Why am I not allowed to enter as a visitor?
  3. Why did they chose to build it on that piece of land so close to the sea shore?
  4. How many trees were cut so as to create space for the structure?
  5. What does the crystal at the top of the Pagoda really do, scientifically?

Next time, I’ll go after doing more research about the place so that exploration can be more fruitful. It makes me anxious to be left with a bunch of questions even after travelling. In many ways, the purpose of travel is discovery and finding answers to questions. Although these questions are seemingly important or frivolous, they must be asked and answers must be discovered. Only then, the purpose is fulfilled.


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